Shoe Shelf

In almost every house I’ve been a guest as well as in the ones I lived, I noticed a very likeable but rather less ordered mess: shoes. The ones left over from winter, the new ones never worn, the 2nd, 3rd or 7th pair, waiting to be used. For all these shoes I wanted to design an object that helps to create order without forcing into order.

Wooden sticks reach gently into the air, waiting for the shoes to be put on.
Fixed in a slight angle to a round base, that holds them strong and on a minimum of space, they switch sides, one after another. The feet uplift the object from the ground while providing a safe stand.

The yellowish colour of abbachi wood emphasises the object’s character, the decent flames keep it silent.

The uneven number of sticks makes loose of placing pairs. A slight curve, same on every stick, creates elegance towards its use. The base and feet stay simple, logical, quiet and straight.

Altogether, it forms a very friendly object, able to take care of a small mess of shoes.